• Current Mood : Summer Noods

    Current Mood : Summer Noods

    It's late July, and most parts of the world are either in the midst of, recovering from, or anticipating their next summer heat wave.  

    Portland hasn't been so bad (yet), but lacking central air conditioning, I'm trying not to heat up the house more with excessive stove or oven use. Here's how I've been tackling the bounty of my CSA, keeping my kitchen to a reasonable temperature, and maximizing summer vibes, with some help from Bobbie's Boat Sauce.  

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  • Life in a Throuple

    Life in a Throuple

    Since creating it for the first time onboard a boat back in 2015, Bobbie's Boat Sauce has been in or on the majority of things that I have put in my mouth.   For eight years now, I've either putting Boat Sauce IN what I'm cooking, or ON what I'm eating, often both at once.  Not just because I'm regularly coming up with new recipes and applications, but mostly because I'm addicted.  Like Sy Sperling, I'm also a client.  
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  • The Three Star Boat Sauce T

    The Three Star Boat Sauce T

    One of the perks of starting or owning a business that we don't talk about enough is the excuse to create merchandise.  I have a stunning bouquet of t-shirts from 2 cafes and an ill-conceived running/eating contest that, for better or worse, serve as a resume of sorts for my life.  In 2019, I launched the iconic Boat Sauce Ringer-T.  I love the oblique placement of the letters, as if the designer was laying out type on choppy seas.  I love that it doesn't quite explain anything but remains true to the brand.  I love that my four year old face is blazoned on chests across...

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  • Spring cleaning, the Bobbie's Boat Sauce Way.

    Spring cleaning, the Bobbie's Boat Sauce Way.

    With its balance, acidity and depth, Bobbie's Boat Sauce is utility tool that gives you the courage to cook the beans, excavate the root vegetables, and keep good food from going bad by giving it a new life.  You could go so far to say that Bobbie's Boat Sauce performs resurrections.  I won't, but you could.  
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  • To Brei Or Not To Brei

    To Brei Or Not To Brei

    This year, I'm confronting a dish that I have been ambivalent about my entire life. As an equal opportunity lover of most cuisines, both high and low brow, I'm reluctant to ever say that I unilaterally don't like certain foods (barbeque chicken pizza withstanding; I will condemn it on my gravestone), but I have never cared for matzo brei, an Ashkenazi Jewish dish of pan-fried matzo and eggs.  
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  • Confessions Of A Tweaker

    Confessions Of A Tweaker

    I've waited about a month to confess this, but it's time to come clean:  I am a tweaker.  
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