• Summer


    The more dangerous summer has become, the more magical the perfect summer day feels.  For all the advances we've made as a species, we've managed to make the weather one of our existential threats, just like in the old days.   So, when "the perfect summer day" that is neither too humid, or too windy, or does not contain the threat of an urban forest fire arrives, I've been trying my best to embrace the "be here now"ness of it all: Skin warming and cooling through tree-dappled sunlight, sounds of birds and insects muffled by full foliage, bright and deep greens contrasting with...

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  • Happy Birthday, Boat Sauce

    Happy Birthday, Boat Sauce

    June 25th, 2015:

    "Tonight's grilled rockfish with chili-sambal-who-knows sauce and crispy rice was top-notch"

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  • A Message To The Graduating Class of 2022

    A Message To The Graduating Class of 2022

    I was not invited to give a commencement speech this year, or maybe the invitations got lost in the mail.  Nevertheless, I took this opportunity to talk to those of you who are leaving the nest and entering into adulthood.  You will encounter many metaphors ahead, but I hope this one stays with you.
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  • The Start At Night Are Big And Bright 👏👏👏

    The Start At Night Are Big And Bright 👏👏👏

    When you're in the specialty foods business, there are some particular milestones and achievements that not only bring you more exposure (and yes, revenue), but also work as an affirmation that you're making progress.   This week, I just speared a white whale.  (that's a figurative expression and I would never kill a whale) Bobbie's Boat Sauce is currently in 8 of 10 Central Market Stores from San Antonio to Houston.  You'll find both Classic and Hot in the section with marinades, fry sauces, and bbq sauces.   If you're not familiar with Central Market, well, they're only one of the best...

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  • Mothers' Briskets

    Mothers' Briskets

    In 1999, I hosted my first seder for friends here in Portland.  I asked my mom to send her brisket recipe.  It has earned all of its stains.
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  • Brown Before Green : Sailor's Meatballs

    Brown Before Green : Sailor's Meatballs

    JUMP TO RECIPE  Spring is afoot in Oregon.  If you couldn't tell by the sprouting daffodils and cherry blossoms, you can smell the thawing and turning of soil in the air, and the emergence of sugar ants on kitchen counters. But despite sun breaks that bring out t-shirts, and daylight at 7pm, it is still technically winter (at least for 3 more days), and I am not quite done enjoying brown food™.  Let's talk about brown food.  Granted, it's a category that I just minted, yet still it's a category that doesn't get enough love.  When I speak of brown food,...

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