• International Delight

    International Delight

    Last fall, I was invited to an exclusive, experimental dinner, prepared by a daring young chef.

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  • Fish Taco Fan Fiction

    Fish Taco Fan Fiction

    Today I sat down to write about fish tacos, but I got sucked into a wormhole looking for rentals in Baja on Air BnB.  Doesn't a week at a desert-beach sound good right now or what?  Just a modest little cottage with open windows and no locks on the doors.  An outdoor shower, and landscaping of yucca and cactus.  It's just a short jog to the beach for surfing and swimming, otherwise there's not much to do but read in hammocks, and watch movies from the owner's DVD collection at night.  The internet is spotty, and rarely do we get a signal from our phone...

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  • Ready...Set...Convalesce!


    At this point in time, we all know that the problem with New Year's resolutions is that they don't work.  There's a whole category of literature on proving that it's not about setting intentions, it's about building habits.  So on January 1 2023, I set my intentions to implement habits that would cultivate productivity through consistency. 
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  • 2022: The Year Of The Nap

    2022: The Year Of The Nap

    I remember exactly where I was when I came up with my first annual motto.  It was New Year's Eve 1999 ('98 outgoing), and I was sitting on top of a washing machine in the basement of a rental I shared with a rotating cast of 20-somethings resisting the shackles of adulthood.  My friend Sean and I were drunkenly blabbering and toasting to the new year, the last of the millennium, and looking ahead at what could be.  "The only rule," one of us said, "is that there should be NO rules"  Brilliant, I know.  But "No Rules '99" really...

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  • The Devil Is In The Details

    The Devil Is In The Details

    There is a lot to say about deviled eggs, and I've contributed more than most to the subject.
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  • Thankful for Thanksgiving

    Thankful for Thanksgiving

    If holidays stood in for the zodiac, I am a triple Thanksgiving: sun, moon, and rising.  I have had all manners of Thanksgivings, from meals requiring months of advanced planning, to Thanksgiving dinners in restaurants, to alt-Thanksgiving of tuna casserole.  For me personally, there is no strict requirement on Thanksgiving other than it be spent in communion with people I like, and food that I like to eat
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