Invented on a sailboat, Bobbie's Boat Sauce is distinctive, wildly versatile, and possibly the last condiment you will ever need.

Onions, garlic, and ginger are slowly sautéed with fresh jalapeños, then simmered with spices, tomatoes, Thai chilis, lime, and vinegar. Maple syrup balances out the spice and tang, and a touch of Vietnamese fish sauce adds depth and umami. 

As with any great masterpiece, Bobbie's Boat Sauce took time to perfect. Three years of adding, subtracting, tweaking, and tasting resulted in not one but two sauces: Classic and Hot. Each have their loyal following, but we think both have a place on your soon-to-be simplified condiment shelf. 


Bobbie's Boat Sauce Classic is a spicy-but-not-too-spicy concoction you'll use in place of ketchup or hot sauce, and that you'll use in places where you might never try ketchup or hot sauce. From eggs and avocado toast to grain bowls to the secret ingredient in your meatloaf, Bobbie's Boat Sauce Classic sets a course to your mouth on the Sea of Delicious. 



If you like your hot sauce to hurt just a little bit, Bobbie's Boat Sauce Hot might be the sauce for you. Made with more jalapeños and Thai chilis than our Classic recipe, the tangy-sweet-umami balance of Boat Sauce delivers a depth of flavor that other hot sauces don't reach, and you will taste that difference in everything from tacos to bibimbap to your bewitching home version of pasta all'Amatriciana.