• Bobbie's Micheladas, aka "Boateladas"

    Bobbie's Micheladas, aka "Boateladas"

    Like its cousin the Bloody Mary, the Michelada claims hundreds of "authentic" recipes and several "essential" ingredients that don't aren't consistent in every recipe.  This recipe is not authentic, but it does cover what I believe is the ideal flavor profile for a refreshing beer cocktail :  a little bit spicy, a little bit briney, a little bit acidic, and a little bit salty.  And very cold.
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  • Vaguely Middle Eastern Marinated Meat Chunks

    Vaguely Middle Eastern Marinated Meat Chunks

    Here's an easy summer recipe when you're craving some animal protein to round out a meal of mezze, or pair with some fragrant rice and an herby salad.  Bobbie's Boat Sauce is a terrific ingredient to spontaneously add to any marinade, but here it takes center stage.
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  • Meshugana Matzo Brei

    Meshugana Matzo Brei

    I never got excited about this traditional Passover dish, until I opened my fridge and started pulling out the building blocks of a delicious, savory egg dish : mushrooms, onions, kimchi, and of course Bobbie's Boat Sauce. 

    Note: Bobbie's Boat Sauce isn't (yet) certified Kosher and definitely isn't Kosher for Passover.  But I'm okay with that if you are!
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  • The Devil's Croutons

    The Devil's Croutons

    I decided to name these The Devil's Croutons not because they're hot as hell (though they easily could be - see variation), but because I believe Satan himself gave me this recipe.  Tossed in melted butter and Bobbie's Boat Dust, they put the "crack" in oyster crackers.   Add to soups or salads, or shovel liberally into your mouth when you're trying to come up with a headline for an email newsletter. These will keep for a few weeks but slim chance they will last longer than a few days.
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  • Japanese Curry (Karē Risu)

    Japanese Curry (Karē Risu)

    I believe that Japanese Curry Rice, or Karē Risu, is one of those dishes that gets better after you've made it a few times, enough to cook it from memory.  Some recipes call for ketchup, some for tonkatsu sauce, but all recipes have some element of tomato.  I took that as an invitation to add Bobbie's Boat Sauce and was very pleased with the results.  

    If you don't want to use beef, substitute with boneless chicken thighs, or forgo the meat altogether and add some diced tofu in the last 15 minutes of cooking.
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  • Boat-Dusted Fish Tacos

    Boat-Dusted Fish Tacos

    Up until a few months ago, I kept a jar in my spice cupboard labeled "Fish Taco Dust" on masking tape and sharpie.  It contained a blend of paprika, cumin, black pepper, and garlic powder.   I'd take some firm, flaky fish like Pacific cod or halibut, blot dry then season liberally with my taco dust, blacken in a hot cast iron skillet, and serve with corn tortillas, cabbage, crema, and Hot Boat Sauce.  

    Bobbie's Boat Dust has replaced my homemade taco dust (which clumped mercilessly) and for the occasion of its debut, I've created a recipe that more closely approximates a Baja fish taco sort of, in the sense that you add it to a flour dredge and make a simple batter.  Adding Boat Sauce to the crema and finishing with more Boat Sauce and Boat Dust you would think is gilding the lily, and it is, but it's not overkill, it's harmony.  
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