• Hoppin' Cousin Bobbie-John

    Hoppin' Cousin Bobbie-John

    Taking a few liberties with this New Years Day staple that it warrants a slight re-brand, this is a smoky, tangy and hearty dish to celebrate New Years Day, or nurse a New Years Eve hangover.   
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  • Summer Squash and Farro Salad

    Summer Squash and Farro Salad

     I have been tweaking this recipe for 3 summers now and suspect I will continue to as long as summer squash grows.  Originally riffed off of a Canal House Cooking recipe, riffed off of a Gabrielle Hamilton recipe, Boat Sauce subs in for Moroccan harissa.  You can go in various directions with this recipe, and even use roasted or grilled zucchini. The key is to let the perfectly cooked squash and farro soak up all of the dressing while still warm, then add the rest of the ingredients when it hits room temperature.  
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  • Bobbie's Picnic Chicken

    Bobbie's Picnic Chicken

    Summer is full of tastes and smells that memories are made of, and cold barbequed chicken is one of my favorites.  This recipe has chicken marinate overnight in a potion of Boat Sauce and buttermilk before it gets the grill treatment. 
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  • Bobbie's Macaroni And Cheese

    Bobbie's Macaroni And Cheese

    It’s hard to find a macaroni and cheese that I won’t eat (sad to say), but it’s equally hard to find one that blows me away.  When I add Bobbie’s Boat Sauce to the recipe my mom taught me, it adds tang and depth that sharpens the bite of any aged cheese to a fine point. A milder, melty cheese produces the ultimate decadence in texture, and Boat Sauce buttered bread crumbs gild the lily to completion.  
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  • Mom's Chicken and Rice

    Mom's Chicken and Rice

    When I think of all of the comfort foods that span the world, chicken and rice may be even more ubiquitous than macaroni and cheese. My mother served breaded chicken cutlets with a simple pilaf one a week, and I never got tired of it.   Here, the chicken gets a bright and umami piccata treatment with lemon and capers, and the rice is my mother’s classic method, with the additional step of using Boat Sauce as a sofrito.
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  • Chilaquiles


    Bobbie’s Boat Sauce was created with ingredients on hand, thus it’s only natural that I love recipes that are both designed to be improvised and to make use  of what’s already in your fridge and pantry
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