Bobbie's Micheladas, aka "Boateladas"

Bobbie's Micheladas, aka "Boateladas"

Serves 2 


2 oz Bobbie's Boat Sauce 
1 oz Lime juice (juice from 1 to 2 limes) 
1 oz pickled green bean brine (any pickle brine will do in a pinch) 
1 oz bottled clam juice 
A few dashes of Jugo seasoning sauce or worcestershire sauce 
12-16 oz light-bodied pilsner or N/A pilsner
2 pint glasses
Leftover limes from juicing 
Bobbie's Boat Dust 
lime wedges 


1. In a small bowl or clean mason jar, combine Bobbie's Boat Sauce, lime juice, pickle brine, and clam juice.   Add a few dashes of Jugo or worcestershire to your liking.  Shake or whisk to combine.
2. Place about 1 Tbsp (or more) Bobbie's Boat Dust in a small flat dish that is just wide enough for the mouth of your pint glass.  Rub spent limes along the rim of your glasses, and then them rim-side down in the dish, coating them with Boat Dust.
3. Fill your glasses with ice, then half of the Boat Sauce mix per glass, then top with Picnic Pilsner.
4. Garnish with more fresh lime, and enjoy!