Life in a Throuple

Life in a Throuple

Since creating it for the first time aboard a sailboat boat back in 2015, Bobbie's Boat Sauce has been in or on the majority of things that I have put in my mouth.   For eight years now, I've either putting Boat Sauce IN what I'm cooking, or ON what I'm eating, often both at once.  Not just because I'm regularly coming up with new recipes and applications, but mostly because I'm addicted.  Like Sy SperlingI'm also a client.  

Lately though, I've been reaching for another product with accelerating frequency, and that would be Bobbie's Boat Dust.  Conceived years before it actually came to be, I thought Boat Dust would make a good popcorn seasoning and dry rub.  Little by little though, my jar of Boat Dust is getting heavy rotation on salads, hardboiled eggs, avocado toast, cottage cheese, and my latest compulsory afternoon snack : La Panzanella crackers, cream cheese, and Bobbie's Boat Dust.   

I guess you could say that when I opened up my relationship to Bobbie's Boat Sauce, I found that there was still plenty of love to give to another product. My love for Boat Sauce hasn't waned or wavered, there's only more ways to enjoy a tangy-savory-umami flavor profile that, wet or dry, defines Bobbie's Boat Sauce.

Like Boat Sauce, there are plenty of things you can do with Boat Dust, and two directions you can take with using it: putting it IN something you're making, or putting it ON something that you're eating.  I jotted down short list of suggestions, but I'd love to hear if you've discovered other ways to enjoy Bobbie's Boat Dust in or on a dish.  

  1. Popcorn (on)
  2. Crab cakes (in) 
  3. Chef's salad (on) 
  4. Air-Fried chickpeas (in) 
  5. Homemade Frico (in)
  6. Hardboiled eggs (on) 
  7. Deviled Eggs (in/on) 
  8. Dry rub for pork chops, salmon, chicken (in)
  9. Fish tacos (in/on)
  10. Avocado toast (on) 
  11. Cottage cheese (on) 
  12. Bloody mary rims (on)
  13. Party mix (in) 
  14. Sour cream dip (in) 
  15. Corn on the cob (on) 
  16. Bread crumb topping on casseroles (in) 
  17. Bread crumb seasoning for cutlets (in) 
  18. Seasoning for Chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, tofu salad (in) 
  19. Frittatas (in)