The Three Star Boat Sauce T

The Three Star Boat Sauce T

One of the perks of starting or owning a business that we don't talk about enough is the excuse to create merchandise.  I have a stunning bouquet of t-shirts from 2 cafes and an ill-conceived running/eating contest that, for better or worse, serve as a resume of sorts for my life.  

In 2019, I launched the iconic Boat Sauce Ringer-T.  I love the oblique placement of the letters, as if the designer was laying out type on choppy seas.  I love that it doesn't quite explain anything but remains true to the brand.  I love that my four year old face is blazoned on chests across this great country.  

Over the holidays I launched a new design.  I personally have been nostalgic for images printed on the back of shirts, and my designer Mike Weihs teased out the bottle-as-buoy concept.  One of Boat Sauce's biggest supporters, my dad, quickly purchased a shirt, and proceeded to publish a review: 

Clearly, you can't please everyone.  However, if you DO like a lightweight, heathered cotton blended shirt that won't shrink but WILL feel like your most treasured vintage t-shirt printed with eco-friendly ink, Bobbie's Boat Sauce's latest t-shirt may just be for you!  Did I mention that every shirt comes with a bottle of Boat Sauce?  

Summer is coming up fast, and no shade to LL Bean or golf shirts, I want you to look cool.