Soup Season : Don't Call it A Comeback

Soup Season : Don't Call it A Comeback

My friend Emily Chenoweth identifies herself as the following : writer, mother, soup person. 

For approximately 40% of the American population, autumn harkens the return of the Pumpkin Spice multiverse and all of its attendant memes.  But for Emily, back-to-school season means back-to-lentil-soup season, and a fresh bottle of Bobbie's Boat Sauce is the equivalent of pulling a fleece out of the coat closet on that first chilly morning. Even though temperatures in Oregon have been 80 degrees more often than not, Emily was eager to tell me about the excitement of picking up a new bottle of Classic for the return of her steady diet of lentil soup.  

What is the big deal about Boat Sauce and soup?  If it came down to one word, that word would be depth.  In the beginning, adding umami-rich Boat Sauce to the softening vegetables in a mirepoix concentrates flavors and aids in maillard reaction so much that you can get away with using water instead of stock and still have depth of flavor.  Swirling in some Bobbie's Boat Sauce at the end delivers just the right acidity and warmth, without robbing the soup of its intended flavors.  

There are several soup recipes on the website for whatever kind of soup you may identify with at the moment.  A Curried Squash Number is autumnal with Southeast Asian vibes.  Portland Chowder is both a showstopper and easy to put together, and you won't make anyone made with Lentil or Cream of Tomato. Time time to cover up the grill, pull out that heavy-bottomed 5 qt kettle, and start soupin'.