New Year, Newish Me

It feels like a typo when I write 2019. Anyone else? 

In the last weeks leading up to the New Year, I spent a lot of time doing very, very little.  I have come to discover that having a full-time job while launching a product into the world can get exhausting at times, especially around the holidays, and especially if you are a lazy introvert by nature.  I am fortunate that the company I work for shuts down between Christmas and New Years, which amounts to almost 2 weeks of downtime when you factor in weekends.  Prior to this break, while riding the last wave of holiday orders for Boat Sauce and performing all of the social functions that December cruelly demands of us, the pending break appeared as an oasis, and a shot at redemption.  I had 12 days to rest, recalibrate, and get myself organized for 2019.  

Another thing I came to discover about having a full-time job while launching a product into the world is that it requires a degree of organization and project management that doesn't come easily for me, despite my sun in Virgo.  I much more enjoy the process of making a to-do list than the action required to check items off.  So what did I do with my Christmas vacation?  I slept.  I went into the sauna everyday, I took walks with my dogs, and I got back into meditation.  I pondered.  I cooked.  What did I not do? Create epic status sheets and amazing Gannt charts for the world domination of Bobbie's Boat Sauce.  

One more thing I discovered though, at the very tail end of the break : the more focus I can bring to whatever I am doing, the more effective my work will be.  This is nothing new, but bears repeating as our attention spans are being diluted exponentially.  In 2019, I am drinking less, waking up earlier, and setting screen time limits.  

With some good luck, I am hoping this will result in more progress towards Bobbie's Boat Sauce world domination, and more activity on this website.  If you are an efficiency expert and happen to be reading this, free tips are welcome and encouraged.  

Until next time...Stay Saucy.