Hello, Cleveland!

Welcome to the inaugural post on Bobbie's Blowhole, a cutting edge web-log format, or "blog", intended to give an entertaining account of the highs and lows of getting product off the ground.  In this case, a product invented on a sailing trip, with a mysterious name and ambiguous categorization on the grocery shelves.  

My goal, and New Year's Resolution, is to post at least once a week.  Maybe in a year's time I will have enough material to option the film rights to the Bobbie's Boat Sauce Story, maybe 3 people will read this.  Hi mom!  The point, if there is one, is to keep an archive of the process.  Admittedly, the process started three years ago.  Starting a business takes a lot of work that all needs to happen simultaneously, a lot of chicken-or-egg choreography.  It's overwhelming and often discouraging. Once you actually have your business going, it can be a prolonged lesson in surviving paralyzing insecurity.  But you stick with it, because you love your product or you love the rollercoaster ride, and then one day, here you are, writing your first blog entry.  

Thanks for hopping on this boat with me!