The Second Sunday In May Is Coming!

Mother's Day is coming and you know what that means...countless marketing opportunities!

I must confess that my own mother is not a fan of the holiday.  Her reasons range from unbridled capitalism to the memory of the disastrous Mother's Day dinner at the golf club in 1984, and I love her for it.  

But as a retail business owner, and a reluctant capitalist, I’m not really allowed to ignore holidays and money-making opportunities.  So I am here to tell you that many moms I know, including my own, love Boat Sauce, and yours probably will too.

My mom says she uses Classic Boat Sauce on “everything”, but especially lentil soup, stirred in as a garnish.  Coincidentally my friend Emily, also a mother, tells me that she can no longer eat lentil soup without a squeeze of Hot Bobbie’s on top. Myself, a mother of two dogs, employ Boat Sauce like a sofritowhen I am sweating aromatics for my lentil soup, as well as on the finishing end.  A mother knows.  

This week, to honor my loving, funny, hard-working and wonderfully idiosyncratic mother Betsy, I am recreating my favorite of her standard dishes, interpreted through Bobbie’s Boat Sauce.  Keep your eye on social media and the recipe page on my website, which I am earnestly trying to update with some frequency.

I'm also offering 10% off all online orders with the code THANKSMA at checkout. 

So consider picking up or ordering a couple of bottles for a person or two in your life who mothers like the best of them.