• The Blahs

    The Blahs

    When I moved into the house I bought 16 years ago, I inherited some odd things: a hospital-style tv attached to a wall in the bedroom, a hand-painted mural on bathroom ceiling capturing the POV of someone/thing looking up at the sky from the bottom of the ocean floor, a room cast in the color of painter's tape blue.  All of it had to go.  But something that I regret tossing out in the cleanup was a piece of paper found behind the refrigerator, titled "Things To Do",  written and illustrated fancifully in colored pencils.  The author prescribed a list of...

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  • Has 2020 Killed Your Appetite?

    Has 2020 Killed Your Appetite?

    If you are reading this, congratulations: Not only are you a subscriber to my newsletter (you lucky thing), but you've made it to the finish line of 2020 with your reading and comprehension skills intact, which is no small feat. 

    Joking aside, there is no one I know who hasn't faced loneliness, economic insecurity, health concerns, and/or existential ennui this year.  And if you didn't have a challenging 2020, I probably don't want to know you.  

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  • Baby's First Podcast

    Baby's First Podcast

    Bobbie's Boat Sauce hits the podwaves!
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  • The Second Sunday In May Is Coming!

    Mother's Day is coming and you know what that means...countless marketing opportunities!
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  • New Year, Newish Me

    It feels like a typo when I write 2019. Anyone else?  In the last weeks leading up to the New Year, I spent a lot of time doing very, very little.  I have come to discover that having a full-time job while launching a product into the world can get exhausting at times, especially around the holidays, and especially if you are a lazy introvert by nature.  I am fortunate that the company I work for shuts down between Christmas and New Years, which amounts to almost 2 weeks of downtime when you factor in weekends.  Prior to this break,...

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  • Hello, Cleveland!

    Welcome to the inaugural post on Bobbie's Blowhole, a cutting edge web-log format, or "blog", intended to give an entertaining account of the highs and lows of getting product off the ground.  In this case, a product invented on a sailing trip, with a mysterious name and ambiguous categorization on the grocery shelves.   My goal, and New Year's Resolution, is to post at least once a week.  Maybe in a year's time I will have enough material to option the film rights to the Bobbie's Boat Sauce Story, maybe 3 people will read this.  Hi mom!  The point, if...

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