Marinara Madness

Marinara Madness

Special editions aren't special for nothing. 

Last summer I expanded the Bobbie's Boat Sauce line with a couple Special Edition Marinara sauces.  Lighter, brighter, and more tomato forward, they're a staple in my kitchen. Alas, not named "Special Edition" for nothing, when they're gone, they're gone. 


True story, we almost named it "Pizza Sauce," but I didn't want to limit your imagination.  Whether you're making your own crust or making pizzas out of English muffins, Boboli, or going for the classic Stouffer's look, this stuff makes it.   

Pasta Pan-Sauce 

Rather than pouring this over pasta, make a pan sauce starting with olive oil and garlic.  Use Boat Marinara like you would tomato paste - soften with a little pasta cooking water for a silky sauce, like with my Pantry-Raid Linguini and Clam Sauce, or Shrimp Fra Diavolo

Indian Nachos - Wait, What?!?

If I had known that Boat Marinara was going to taste so great with Indian food, I might have named it something else.  First I had it with some Moog Dahl, then with homemade samosas. And now, may I introduce you to Indian Nachos, with masala-spiced chickpeas, cilantro chutney, mango chutney, goat cheese and Hot Marinara. SERIOUSLY! 

Conceptual Lasagna

First of all, let's normalize making lasagna in a bread loaf pan when you're not entertaining  8-10 people.  Also, consider different ingredients than your standard meat-ricotta-and-jarred-sauce lasagna.  This one has ground lamb sautéed in Spicy Marinara, between layers of roasted butternut squash and braised radicchio. Topped with a béchamel and nutty fontina cheese.  Yes please! 

Moules Marinière

Literally, Sailor's Mussels!  Try this recipe and just substitute your Boat Marinara of choice for OG Bobbie's.  

Air Fry Sauce 

Day by day, I am falling in love with my air fryer-oven combo, and whether I am heating up mozzarella sticks from the frozen section, or making my own zucchini fries from scratch, Boat Marinara is my #1 dipper.  


Speaking of air fryers! These days I always have some kind of meatball in my freezer for an easy protein fix. Beef, lamb, turkey, or Beyond Meat, frozen raw on a tray and stored in a freezer bag.  Reheated in the air fryer for about 12 minutes at 350, and then just eaten over greens along with some Boat Marinara.  Nothing could be easier. 

Chicken Parm 

Ok, Ok, I'm going to stop talking about air fryers right now, after this.  I have yet to capture a good photo of chicken parm, because I always eat it before I can do a set up.  I like to prepare my cutlets like Kenji Lopez-Alt's , but then I cook in the air fryer and finish with just squeezing on some Boat Marinara, and broiling some cheese.  Perfect for when you're only cooking for one or two.  


Bobbie's Marinara is right at home with this Middle-Eastern egg dish that welcomes interpretations.  Watch me make one version and just substitute boring old Boat Sauce for Special Edition Marinara.  

Killer apps that are dead easy...

You're entertaining for the first time in 26 months...but have no fear.  Try pesto topped bruschetta, or in this case little rounds of firm polenta broiled with cheese and topped with a lil dollop of Bobbie's Marinara and fresh basil.  All you need is a baguette, pesto, fresh mozzarella and a squeeze of marinara.  If it wasn't so good I would call it cheating. 

These are but suggestions, and I would love to know what YOU are doing with your Boat Marinara, so let me know...and make sure you try this special edition before its gone.