Bobbie's Boat Sauce 8-Pack



On the one hand, you know you want more than than 6. Good. You have the right idea. On the other hand, you're like,"Oh, I don't know if I can handle a whole dozen! Boo-hoo! Better stick with 8!" 

We don't really know why you want 8 bottles of Bobbie's Boat Sauce when you could have 12. But you're here, shopping on the 8-pack page, thinking about where you have been, and where you might go next.  

Do you even know what you want? 

Yes, you know what you want, and it's 8 bottles of Bobbie's Boat Sauce. When you consider all the people in this world who don't know what they want, who are deaf and blind to their own desires, here you are deciding that 8 is not only good enough, it's perfect. Even though it's not 12.