Bobbie's Boat Dust


More than two years in the making, Bobbie's Boat Dust is finally here.  A dry seasoning with the signature Bobbie's Boat Sauce flavor profile : savory, tangy, umami, and unforgettable.  

Toss with popcorn, use as a dry rub for chops or fish, sprinkle on vegetables before they go in the oven for roasting, or French fries straight out of the fryer...or on your morning eggs and avocado toast.  Like its namesake, the possibilities are endless...

Ingredients: sea salt, organic dehydrated tomato, chili powder, granulated garlic, granulated onion, ginger, fermented rice extract (rice, rice malt, salt, cornstarch), shiitake extract, kombu extract, turmeric, black pepper, lime juice powder 

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