• Bobbie's Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta (Or Bacon. Or Neither)

    Bobbie's Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta (Or Bacon. Or Neither)

    When it comes to vegetables that act as a vehicle for flavor, I'll take a cruciferous one over a tuber any day.  Brussels sprouts carry fat and acid like a quarterback carries a football over the finish line, and Boat Sauce is a key part of that play.  Start working on that touchdown dance!  For the Brussels Sprouts 1lb Brussels spouts, halved if small, quartered if large Fresh Thyme, Olive Oil, Kosher Salt and Black Pepper for Roasting  For the Vinaigrette 2 oz diced pancetta or bacon  4 tsp olive oil (half that if using fatty bacon)  1/2 small onion...

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  • Bobbie's Clam Dip

    Bobbie's Clam Dip

    It took living away from New England for nearly 20 years to develop the reverence for clams that I have today.  Sure, a lobster roll done the RIGHT way (hot, butter, no mayo) is undeniable.  But a fried clam belly roll prepared á la minute is a spiritual communion.  I was a little nervous about taking the purity of clam dip and doing anything that would jeopardize the particular balance of flavor (subtle brininess) and texture (cold, rich and toothsome at times).  With a great deal of respect for the grandfather of dips, I humbly submit my riff on a classic.   1 6oz can of chopped...

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