Salmon with Boat Sauce Brown Butter (a guide, not a recipe)

Salmon with Boat Sauce Brown Butter (a guide, not a recipe)

Take a piece (or pieces) of salmon (anywhere from 5-12 oz) and season generously with kosher salt.  Preheat oven to 300

In an oven-proof skillet that can hold the entire piece (or pieces) of salmon in one layer, melt a knob of butter, over medium heat, about 2 teaspoons per filet.  Let the butter foam, then subside. 

Sear the salmon, flesh side down, for about a minute.  Flip to skin-side-down with a spatula, then set in the oven for 10-12 minutes.  Carefully test the salmon by seeing if the flesh will flake.  It may still appear raw, but if the flesh flakes (or if it temps at 120), it will be done.  Remove from the oven and lay the fish onto a separate plate.  

Return the pan to the stove (remember, it's hot, so use an oven mitt) and add more butter (2 Tablespoons, more or less depending on your quantities) to your pan, scraping up whatever might be left in the pan from the fish.  Let the milk solids brown and become nutty--then squeeze in an ample amount of Bobbie's Boat Sauce.  I like Classic for this preparation. 

From here, you may want to add some capers (rinsed), some preserved lemon, garlic or shallot, a few grinds of black pepper, and definitely a squeeze of lemon.  Pour this sauce over your fish, garnish with fresh herbs if you have, and enjoy.