The Start At Night Are Big And Bright 👏👏👏

The Start At Night Are Big And Bright 👏👏👏

When you're in the specialty foods business, there are some particular milestones and achievements that not only bring you more exposure (and yes, revenue), but also work as an affirmation that you're making progress.  

This week, I just speared a white whale. 

(that's a figurative expression and I would never kill a whale)

Bobbie's Boat Sauce is currently in 8 of 10 Central Market Stores from San Antonio to Houston.  You'll find both Classic and Hot in the section with marinades, fry sauces, and bbq sauces.  

If you're not familiar with Central Market, well, they're only one of the best grocery chains in the country.  When I told my Texan (or Texas fluent) friends that I was working my way onto their shelves, I got the big eyes that can only mean one thing:  white whale.   I hope to make it down this fall to stand on that beast and sing (and hand out samples).  

Picnic and party season is just starting, so picking up a bottle on your way to someone's house is just too easy.  So gift to friends.  And spread the word.  And at some point this fall, I hope to come for a little tour myself. 

(If you're in Preston or Midway, Bobbie's isn't on the shelves yet, but if you request it, they'll bring it in) 

In other news, I answered some delightful questions for community platform Subkit, and you can read it here!