Consistency! Consistency! Consistency!

For CPG companies (that's Consumer Packaged Goods), Consistency! Consistency! Consistency! is what Location! Location! Location! is to restaurants. 

Outside of the sauce itself, I didn't know how difficult that would be to maintain, in all aspects of the business.  

BBBS (before Bobbie's Boat Sauce), if I was feeling overwhelmed or triggered by social media, I would simply take it off my phone.  Now, unless I've arranged for someone to guest-post, going dark on social channels isn't an option.  

ABBS (after Bobbie's Boat Sauce), if I leave the house without a few sample bottles to leave behind at a store or restaurant, I'm an idiot (I'm still an idiot A LOT of the time).  

ABBS, I've discovered that getting your product up on a website isn't enough, and sending out a monthly newsletter isn't enough, and posting to social media on a daily basis isn't enough.  And why should it be? The competition for attention is real.  That I make a delicious unique product is nice, but not compelling, in and of itself.  So I must make myself known--times infinity! 

BBBS, I really wanted to have a platform for writing about food, telling stories, and complaining about Portland and things in general.  I have a handful of old tumblrs with 10 or fewer posts, all a little different and all a little bit the same.  ABBS, I have a platform, and an audience, and a very weak constitution for making myself write on demand.  I harbored a fantasy that I would write an honest, revealing, no-holds-barred blog about REAL life of a small business founder...but I can't tell if that sounds boring to read, or tedious to write, or vice versa.  

In any case, I committed to updating my Blowhole more often, thus here is my wisdom: consistency is hard, especially when you are in charge of everything from bookkeeping to sales to QC to marketing.  And all the other things. But you know what?  I don't know a different way.  I tend to do things the hard way first.  That's not a brag, or a dig, it's just the way I tend to learn.  So, I will hope to bring more consistency to my writing here, and if not a peek under the hood of a small sauce  operation that's just tryin' to find its way in this crazy, mixed-up world, then hopefully more recipes! 

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