Baby's First Podcast

Baby's First Podcast

Last week, I had both the pleasure and the terror of being a guest on The Meaningful Marketplace, a podcast hosted by 2 women I profoundly admire.  Sarah Masoni, Director of the Product and Process Development program at OHSU's Food Innovation Center, and Sarah Marshall, founder and visionary of Marshall's Haute Sauce. 

I've been listening to this podcast almost since it's inception, and I'm not going to lie, I have often lost myself in the active fantasy of being a guest, and practicing my answers to their insightful questions.  Somehow, all of this "preparation" still left me tongue tied, yet loose lipped.  An hour of recording was over before I knew it, and I was left wondering why I chose to talk about how my dad critiques my instagram cooking segments more than say, the versatility and flavor profile of Boat Sauce.  

I suffer from an acute intolerance to the sound of my recorded voice, so I've asked my mom and my boyfriend for feedback.  They both say I sounded great, but you can't really trust your loved ones to tell you the truth about these things.  


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